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B1RTHDAYDestiny BETA mini review!
I don't like PvP whatsoever, I thought I'd like the Iron ... More
KauspayneWoohoo! Got my destiny codes in my email. Now to download. :)
B1RTHDAYI have officially moved!
KI PureInstinct TAnyone here from the Denver CO area? I'm considering moving there and would like to chat with a local.
B1RTHDAYI've been waiting for them to upload this for too long!
Achievement Hunter Presen...
This intro was played bef...
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Weekly Community Challenge
cod ghosts

The Crucible (Any MP): Destiny Beta [IN PROGRESS]

Form a fire team and enter the crucible to prove your worth as guardians. Beware the crucible is not for the faint of heart, but should you prevail, take a screenshot of the score at the end of your game.  Make sure that it includes all the members of the team who participated and post it to the community wall on the site. All who survive the crucible are winners and will be featured in a site news story and showcased on homepage.

Start Date: Wednesday - July 23rd, 2014
End Date: Saturday - July 26th, 2014

If you have an idea for a weekly community challenge send a message to GT: Y0UREMYB0Y B1UE
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